Front Porch Fundraisers

Raise money for your church, school, team, charity, and friends in need with our “Food-raisers”

We make the food, your spread the word. Frontporch food sells itself ! Who doesn’t want to help out the school & get a fresh homemade dinner or a homemade quart of Soup w Fresh Bread from the Frontporch. It just makes everyone’s life a little easier.  FP Food-raiser is easy & organized for you. The ordering is done online right on the website through our shopping cart and all orders come to you via e-mail.

We will send you the order info so you can organize & label your packages for pick up day. It’s sooooo easy. Choose your date & time for delivery and we will bring it to you!

The Frontporch “Food-raiser” choices are below:

Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Soup is a great fundraiser!!

  • Everyone loves soup.

  • It can be eaten fresh or frozen.

  • As a delicious meal or lovely gift

  • 2 Quarts w Fresh Bread (feeds 4) for $35

  • No cost to you!

  • Each soup order allows $13 for your cause

  • Profits are listed below

  • Soup & bread come packaged & ready to distribute

Chicken Parmesan Dinner

Chicken Parmesan Dinner is Everyone’s Favorite!


Dinner for 2 includes

3 Panko Breaded Crispy Chicken Breasts w a Sharp Parmesan

Pasta w Marinara Sauce

Xtra Marinara on the Side

Garden Salad w Balsamic

Fresh Baked Bread

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies

$55 /dinner


*Dinner for 4 Available as well.

Twice as much deliciousness

Most people spend that much on Chinese take out.

Such delicious meal. It’s a good helping as well.

Dinner is packaged in our Bio-boxes & Brown bagged

Each Dinner allows for

$15 for each Chicken Parmesan Dinner for 2 

$30 for each Chicken Parmesan Dinner for 4

To your Fundraiser

How many can you sell ?

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